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One White Rose

The Jones's

Fred and Annie's gifts to their family were love of each other, self-respect, good work ethics and their knowledge that because of your family you are never alone and always loved. (By Linda Terrill) 


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Annia Cordella (Dover) Jones

Annis Cordella (Dover) Jones had eleven children. Delcie Marie Watson being the first born December 20, 1920. In January of 1927 she had a set of twins girls (Jaunetta and Lolavetta) (One lived one day, the other one month)  Annis was Born: April 15, 1904 in Gainesville, TX. Died: May 27, 1984 Phoenix,AZ.    Her Father was: Charles Edward Dover  Mother: Mattie Alice Burris.
Grandma Jones would come to see us as often as she could. She told me that she took in ironing to save enough money to take vacations. She was always a hard worker. Grandma said she couldn't pour out a pan of dish water without running over Fred on the back porch, so guessed she would have to marry him.  Fred Richmond and Annis Cordella was Married: January 10, 1926.

This is our Great Great Grandmother.  Her name is Jane Elizabeth (Martin) Dover.  She is the Mother of our Great Grandfather Charles Edward Dover. Charles Edward Dover is Grandmother Jones Father.

Ruby Geneva Jones and Delcie Marie (Watson) Powell 1946

 This is my favorite picture of mom (Delcie) of all.  She is so pretty and had the heart of an angle.  She always seen to it that us kids had what we needed (maybe not what we wanted) but what we needed.   Mother was always sewing for us to.  She did her best in raising us kids physical as well as spritual.  My mom never once complain to me during her last days even with all the pain she endured.  I wanted to say Mom, Please forgive me for all my self-pity, but now I know she already had, by her soft gentle way she help me, to help her.  Mom I love you, and I have missed you.

Fred Richmond 
Annis Cordell (Dover)
Jones 1970

Fred Richmond and Annis Cordella (Dover) Jones Family:

Left to Right:  Kenneth Jones - Bertha (Jones) Hinchcliff -  Florence (Jones) Capes - Arnold Jones - Loyd Dale Jones - Ruby Geneva  (Jones) Watts - Evelyn (Jones) Long - Jerrel Jones 

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JONES FAMILY REUNION 2000 (Family Quilt)

Left to Right:  Ruby Geneva Watts - Florence Capes - Loyd Dale Jones - Evelyn Long - Bertha Hinchcliff 

Ruby Geneva (Jones) Watts was the host of the JONES FAMILY REUNION 2000 -  5th BI-ANNUAL GATHERING in Sandy, Oregon.  A square was also included in the quilt for Delcie and her three kids.  I was sorry that I was unable to attend this great avent.  I want to Thank the family for all the love you have showed to us.
Ruby sent a two page rememberance of the time she had spent with my mother (Delcie) growing up before mom went to live with her grand-parents. .  Thank you Ruby, it meant a lot to us.

Lloyd Dale Jones: Born Nov,29, 1938 Died Aug. 5, 2005. Only 67 years old. Live in Sun City, AZ.  The family will truly miss him.


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