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One White Rose

The Powell's

Delcie Marie (Watson), James William, James Percival and Betty Marie Powell 1946

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No! It's not a window, it's James P. Powell
Left to right: Betty M, James W, James P. Delice M Powell. Look!_ between Dad and Mom

James P, Delice, Betty, and Sherry Powell 1948

George Henry Powell Born: Feb 6, 1867 Died: Feb 27, 1952

George Henry Powell - Born: Feb 6, 1867 in Ananosa, Iowa. Married Jamima Elizabeth Bolin Jan 9, 1898 in Pottawatonie County, OK . Died: February 27, 1952 Clovis, NM. George's Father was John (Nathen?) Powell - Mother: Milly A. Robison

Jamima Elizabeth (Boling) Powell Born: Oct 26, 1876 Died: July 30, 1954 Clovis, NM

Jamima Elizabeth Bolin - Born: Oct 26, 1876 in Jasper, AK - Died: July 30, 1954. Elizabeth Father was George Washington Bolin I - Mother, Mary Elizabeth Brooks

George and Elizabeth had eight children - Nettie Lee - Samuel Asberry - Maud Belle - (Joe Powell-Born: Aug 25, 1905 - Died: Dec 17, 1906) - Georgia Retha - Cecil Ann - Oren (Bud) Harvey - Last but not least my Father James William Powell-Born: May 20, 1915 in Bellview, NM  Died: Sept 10, 1970 in Midland, TX

Powell Family in the order they were Born:

James Williams Powell and Delcie Marie (Watson) Powell 1938

Jim and Delcie were Married: Aug. 9, 1938 in Clovis, NM

Jim, Delcie and Betty Marie Powell with Jim P on the way.

James P, Betty M Powell 1944 (Boy unknown)

James W and Delcie Marie (Watson) Powell 1945

Look at who's not doing right!
It could be the sun is in his eyes? At least that's what Jimmy said it was!


Married: March 30, 1973 Memphis, TN
Larry Dale and Betty Marie (Powell) Joyner in 1989

James P and Carolyn (Cone) Powell Married: Sept 9, 1961 Melrose, NM

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Jim & Carolyn Powell

Click Here, See if Sherry is at Home? Nope!
Ken and Sherry Jane (Powell) Howie Married Aug 1, 1985 Memphis, TN

Sherry Jane (Powell) Howie (not sure of year) 1995

  I've heard it said many times, your sister Sherry looks just like your Mother.  Even Dad said back in 1970, she sure does act just like Delcie.  So being the oldest sister, I wonder how come I didn't get any of it.  (I know!)  she was saving the best for last.  Me, well I guess I must look and act more like my Dad, at least that's what they all say. As far as that goes James P. voice sounds just like Dad.  I use to not be able to tell them apart on the phone. I hope you have enjoyed looking at the photo and if there is some misinformation in it, please let me know. I will correct it.   

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