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Arms Of A Angel

Believe in Miracle
My Missing Angel
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Believe in Miracle
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We all look forward to the day that Debra will walk back into our lives as quickly as she walk out.   What a Miracle that would be.  With all glory going to God our Father Lord and Saviour. Dear Jesus, I leave it in your hands as to your will, and not of my own.  Amen 




Below, are a few pictures of Debra Marie King as she was growing up. She was always such as beautiful baby and woman, in body as well as in spirit.

Debra Marie King Age 4 1961

This was Ninth Year Prom
Debra Marie King and Mark Quraian

Debra was the Homecoming Queen in the 6th grade
Debra Marie King

This is her Senior Year
Debra Marie King

Debra Marie (King) Horgan

Debra Marie Horgan and Betty Marie Joyner


Debra, you were always a beautiful, loving, tender hearted child, that tried to please every one around you. Leaving no one feeling left out you would go out of your way to make sure they were welcome and wanted.  With your smile you lit up the room when you came in and always had hugs for every one. You were a happy go lucky have fun person, but you also acted like a lady.  You enjoyed your family and tried very hard to make it work. You were never ever afraid of hard work either, you would tackle any job, clean, dirty, hot or cold condition, you weather the storm.  You were a great sportsman in Archery with your whole family.  You were the best cook.  I can still smell those School Rolls you would make for us. That Birthday Cake you made me, and when your car broke down, you walked three miles to get it to me. You always went all out to make some one feel special.  I loved it when even at 35 years old, you would still want me to rub your face and hair back while you laid your head in my lap. You loved people and trusted them to be true to their word. You being an only child, you still had lots of friends and cousins to play with. There is so much I could tell of your life and what it meant to all who knew you, that it would take a book to get it all in.  I was always so proud to be your Mom. You wrote me a couple of poems that I have kept all these years. They comfort me when I want to hear from you again. You are so dearly loved and missed, I hope with all my heart that you are safe some where.  It has never been like you to not call your family or come home.    Please Deb, come home or call if you can.  I don't want to let you go.  Mom


Song is entitled "Hope" 
Performed by Margi Harrell
"It's an original copyrighted song"
Used with permission
Please feel free to visit her wonderful site and music



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