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A Candle is Burning

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Debra's Car

A Mother's worst nightmare is to hear your daughter has been criminal rape and beaten and you still can't get the man arrested. Two weeks after the rape Debra ends up missing. Almost two months after Debra is missing her car turned up wrecked, vandalize and abanded in the West Mesa Area. It is now going on Twelve Years and still no word of Debra's whereabouts. We pray to God for Debra's safe return.

Left: My Brother James P Powell and my husband Larry D. Joyner search the car.

This was Debra's car (1976 Ford ThunderBird) that was found vandalize and abanded June 21, 1997 on Fortwna Road & West Coors Blvd. in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This car looked like it had been in a wreck

This car look like it had been in a wreck. The front bumper was push in and the right fender was dented in.  The windshield had been blashed in serveral places.


The back window was broke out completly and Debra's clothes, bedding and belongings were still in the trunk.

Driver's window busted in, Glove compartment broke into. Shoes and purse still in front seat.

Debra last seen (Budget 8 Motel, 8500 Central in Albuquerque,NM 4/29/1997

Budget 8 Motel in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Pancho's Restaurant on Central in Albuquerque, NM

Debra was hired on at Pancho's (Central) in Albuquerque, but never showed up (said manger Marie Garcia) in April, 1997

Side window of car broke out

Clothes, Bags, Tennis Shoes, coathangers, with broken glass all over back seat and floorbroad.  

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